Patriot Force Eddie Gallagher Navy SEAL Action Figure - Regular Edition (Wave 1)

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Wave 1 Patriot Force- Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher 3.75" Regular Edition Action Figure.  

Eddie Gallagher is a retired United States Navy SEAL Chief.  He and his wife Andrea, co-founded the Pipe Hitter Foundation.  They also co-authored The Man In The Arena: From Fighting Isis to Fighting For My Freedom, which is scheduled to release early 2021.

Figure is custom made and painted, so minor variances might occur with the figure, sniper rifle, and card backer.  Shipping lead time is approximately seven days, as figures are built when order is placed.  The card is 6"x9" in size.  Figure is 1:18 scale.

We also offer a Limited Warfighter Edition figure.

A portion of every figure sold will be donated to the Pipe Hitter Foundation.